Making the World More Accessible

CHC Helicopter's unmatched helicopter services enable people around the world to go further, do more and come home safely.It demands our best—every moment, every day—even as we regularly raise the standards for what we do. Our global team is talented and passionate in providing offshore transportation to the oil-and-gas industry, flying search-and-rescue and emergency medical missions, and delivering maintenance/repair/overhaul and support services. Our capabilities are based on unique knowledge and accomplishment amassed from traveling out to and back from the world's most remote and challenging destinations.

CHC CEO Karl Fessenden: Collective Safety Through Inclusion, Engagement, Accountability

In keynote remarks at the 11th-Annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit, an internationally recognized aviation-safety event, CHC President and Chief Executive Officer Karl Fessenden said that including, engaging and sharing accountability with the “silent majority” of stakeholders is essential to achieving constantly higher levels of safety in the global helicopter-services industry.