Industry Pioneer. Global Leader. Defining the Future.

Throughout our history, we have evolved to envision and reach new horizons, from crop dusting in British Columbia, Canada, to the transporting passengers to the world's most remote offshore drilling locations in the North Sea. We trace our roots to Okanagan Air Services, a crop sprayer formed in 1947—the same year the first offshore oil well was drilled out of sight of land. Renamed Okanagan Helicopters and relocated to Vancouver, two years later the company developed the first skid (wheel) gear for helicopters, establishing itself as an industry innovator.

Okanagan's 1987 merger with two other operators—Toronto Helicopters and Sealand Helicopters—led to the creation of Canadian Holding Company, or CHC. Since then we have continuously expanded through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisition into the largest helicopter services company in the world—and the leader in offshore transport, search and rescue, and emergency medical services.

In 1994 CHC merged with British International Helicopters and acquired Norway's Helicopter Services Group in 1999—both of which also trace their heritage to 1947. CHC also acquired Lloyd Helicopters, one of Australia's largest operators in 1999.

In 2004, we defined distinct, complementary operating divisions: Helicopter Services and Heli-One, the biggest and most capable helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider. First Reserve Corporation purchased CHC in 2008, which led to an ambitious, company-wide transformation. The objective: superior value for customers and other stakeholders through strong, profitable growth and sustained industry leadership.

CHC people in dozens of countries around the globe are committed to protecting customers, colleagues, themselves and others they encounter while going about their jobs. More than 1 million people a year are carried by CHC aircraft and crews, every one of them accounted for in our determination to help them do more, go further and come home safely.