Latest Information on EC225s: Eurocopter Testing, U.K. AAIB Investigation

On Wednesday (Dec. 5), CHC Helicopter—together with other helicopter operators Bond Offshore, Bristow and Era—met with Eurocopter in Aberdeen, U.K., to get an update on Eurocopter's work to identify the root cause of the main gear-box, vertical bevel-drive shaft failure on two EC225 aircraft.

Eurocopter described its work to resolve the apparently erroneous fail indication on the emergency-lubrication (EMLUB) system. The first EMLUB test results support Eurocopter's theory that a pressure differential problem created a false "fail" signal. If this proves correct, Eurocopter is confident it has a solution to the issue and soon will present a comprehensive plan to the operators.

Bench testing of the main gear box at Eurocopter's Marignane, France, facility continues. Initial testing was not conclusive and Eurocopter has initiated a second round of tests which is expected to conclude by the end of December.

The U.K. Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) team is travelling to Aberdeen on Dec. 12 to meet with teams from the three U.K.-based operators to brief them on key points of the agency's investigation. CHC experts will have the opportunity then to ask detailed technical questions. While the AAIB investigation continues and within its strict protocols of confidentiality, CHC expects to have further information to share after this meeting.

CHC—working with the aircraft manufacturer, other operators, regulators and the oil-and-gas industry—continues to fully support work to identify the root cause of these incidents and develop acceptable solutions so that EC225s can safely and promptly return to full, over-water operations as soon as possible. In the meantime, developments will be posted at

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